D-CP Digital Thermal Inkjet HD
Digital Thermal Inkjet HD [TIJ]


Traversing digital in-line printing meets HP based thermal inkjet technology.

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Key Features

The AMACO Digital Thermal Inkjet HD Printer of the D-CP series is the all-in-one solution for small-sized UDI compliant in-line printing using an integrated vision control system [optional].

High-resolution 2D, QR, UDI codes and text across a wide range of substrates at high speeds with a no maintenance, easy-to-use, snap-in and snap-out configuration. Small footprint design for integration with horizontal form, fill & seal or blister machines.


  • In-line printing directly on the top web material

  • Printing during stand still of the packaging machine

  • High resolution at high speeds

  • UDI compliant printing [GS1 | HIBC]

  • Connectivity [Ethernet | USB | ERP]

  • Highest print resolution up to 600 dpi, configurable in 16 levels

  • Contrast - 16 distinct dpi values help control ink cost at highest quality printing on all kind of materials

  • Thermal Inkjet Solution [TIJ] based on HP® cartridges with intelligent chip for process safety

  • Locking lever for cartridge & integrated position monitoring

  • Self purging mode guarantees excellent print quality after line standstill

  • Full true type fonts [TTF] and unicode character set [UTF8] support

  • XML based data structure and state of the art interface for integration into packaging machine

  • Vision Control System [optional]

Improve your production process

Key Benefits

  • Vibration safe design ensuring highest print quality of UDI codes etc.

  • Highest flexibility in label design & change of codes, dates, time, shift code and counter

  • Excellent corner sharpness with high contrast for pin-sharp UDI codes, barcodes and alphanumeric codes

  • Easy installation and smooth synchronisation with the packaging line

  • Fastest ink curing time on all kind of substrates

  • Very high abrasion and UV resistance

  • Maximum Process Safety

  • Maintenance Free | New print head with every cartridge change

Industries & Applications


  • Medical Device Industry

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Food Industry



  • Medical Paper

  • Tyvek

  • Film

  • Foils

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