Digital Piezo DOD Inkjet

Two color UDI-compliant printing



In the medical devices industry, a majority of blister packaging is printed in one single color due to obvious simplicity and cost-saving benefits. Usually, companies opt for black ink for best readability of product information.

In high resolution quality

Two Color Printing

AMACO now enables customers to go with a two-color printing solution for their packaging without adding either complexity or unreasonable costs. Our D-FLEX and D-MOTION Printer Series are both available in a two-color solution. This technology allows customers to use black ink for variable data ensuring the highest contrast, readability of production information, and top UDI-code grading all while staying flexible with a second color for marketing use.

Combine our inkjet non-contact high-resolution printing technology with an in-line vision control system connected to a product ejection system for minimum risk of failure within the packaging process. These features help customers to reduce human errors, boost overall equipment efficiency, and ensure compliance with UDI requirements.

D-JET 411 Vision Control System for quality assurance

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