Uncovering advantages with digital printing on healthcare packaging

While helping to meet UDI requirements, digital printing has many benefits such as improving production efficiencies, increasing flexibility, reducing waste and improving patient outcomes.


With the full adoption of UDI requirements in the US FDA
and the EU MDR, traceability of medical devices will be
significantly enhanced. Better traceability leads to improved
incident reporting, targeted field safety corrective actions and
better monitoring by components authorities, as described
in the regulation. Ultimately, increased transparency and access
to information will protect public health and enable informed
decisions to be made by the healthcare professionals to the
benefit of patients.

Major benefits with digital printing and visual control systems

Digital printing improves results
Volker Ganser emphasized, “The automatic print control, which was only made possible by the high and consistent print quality, has contributed to the fact that there have been no complaints from hospitals due to poor or incorrect printing since the introduction of the systems. Internal claims have already been avoided because failures were identified immediately.”
DuPont Application Development Leader EMEA Nicole
Kaller concluded, “This is a great example of a robust and high-quality solution which Vygon selected for packing, printing and controlling their catheter kit. They now have a smooth printing and packing process in place, resulting in a reduced error rate. This helps ensure correct product use at the healthcare facility, which will contribute to patient safety—and this positive outcome is the main objective for all of us."


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