40 years of excellence | 40 days special

Founded in late 1982 by Josef Vonach, AMACO is celebrating 40 years of excellence!  In appreciation to our valued customers, we have prepared some AMACO birthday packages and special benefits for you to celebrate with us! 


AMACO is offering from October 12th until November 20th, 2022 the following deals:

Order value for any spare parts and / or consumables

> 3.000 €          3% discount

> 5.000 €          5% discount

> 10.000 €        10% discount

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AMACO 40 YEARS SPECIAL for Flexographic Printer | End of life printer models

Flexographic printing systems - with over 1.000 installations worldwide is the flag ship of AMACO over the last 40 years. The portfolio of Flexographic Printers will be reduced, and the following models will no longer be supported:C 300, DV 50, DV70, DV75, DV88, DV 100, DV 110, DV 115, DV 120, DV 121, DV200, DV210, DV220, DV221, DV300, DV 320, DV321, DV 421, KR-5xx, KR6xx, R400, RV300, RV400, RV500

If you replace an existing Flexographic Printer or extend your production with a new AMACO Flexographic Printer, you will get a discount of 5% for the following printer models (DV76, DV116, DV141, DV232, DV432) including free installation* and a free spare parts kit until November 20th, 2022. 

* travel and accommodation cost will be charged 

AMACO 40 YEARS SPECIAL for Thermal Transfer Printer

If you replace an existing Thermal Transfer Printer or expand your capacities with a new AMACO TTs Printer, you will get a discount of 5% on your printer including free installation* and a spare part kit for free for the new printer.

*travel and accomodation cost will be charged

TTs_Interne Steuerung (3)
BOOST YOUR PRODUCTIVITY with a new AMACO Digital DoD Printing Solution

For your new digital printer order between October 12th, 2022 and November 20th, 2022 you will get a free spare parts kit including free installation*.

*travel and accomodation cost will be charged

AMACO 40 YEARS SPECIAL | Free Diagnose Workshops

Register today for a free on site Workshop (first come first serve*) with our AMACO Solution Architects. On site we will evaluate together with your team your processes & workflows, identify risks and give you a clear & transparent roadmap how to optimize your UDI compliant primary packaging process & workflow. You will get transparency & peace of mind.

  • Label Management 
  • Printing & Coding
  • Quality Inspection
  • Workflows & Interfaces


*travel and accomodation cost will be charged

AMACO 40 YEARS SPECIAL DEAL | Showroom Printer Models

We will renew our Showroom and therefore the following printers will be for sale with 20% discount (first come first serve).

  • DV76
  • DV116
  • DV141
  • DV332
  • TT15-107R
  • TT20-107R
  • TTs340-128 IC
  • TTs447-128 IC

Short term availabilty special deals

We do have some printers on short term availabilty with special terms on demand (first come first serve).

  • D-JET411
  • D-MOTION 600-2-142 G4
  • D-MOTION 400-4+2 G4
  • D-FLEX 426-6-800 G4
  • D-FLEX 426-6+6-700 G4
  • Sheet Cutter 70 - 340 mm width (cutting length 70 - 1000 mm)
D-MOTION | Digital Piezo DOD Inkjet | AMACO